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Commonly called "Jesus Christ".
Our Saviour was incarnated as a Hebrew man; He was called Yahshua HaMashiach by his disciples.
by Reverend Billy Graham May 20, 2006
A Yahwistic equivalent of the Gentile-English "Jesus Christ" or the Messianic Jewish "Yeshua HaMashiach".
Old Testament scholars often refer to the religion of the Hebrew Bible as "Yahwism", because Yahweh is the center of this religion, and the name "Yahweh" is used throughout. During the time between the Testaments, Judaism developed, wherein Yahweh is worshipped, but His name is not pronounced as a way to avoid saying the name in vain. Hence the Yahwistic "Yahshua HaMashiach" versus the Jewish "Yeshua HaMashiach".
by Rabbi Mosheh EliYahu July 30, 2009