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A online card game on yahoo that's for sad bastards that have no life so they play Yahoo Spades to fill in the void. People that also play this game will most likely say "it's addicting" while to most people that have a life will tell you "it's fucking boring".

It's also one of those games that takes over your life, like World of Warcraft and other (addictive) online games..only Yahoo Spades is very easy to play.
Terry: Hey man, what are you doing?
Shay: I'm home playing Yahoo Spades.
Terry: You're still playing that shit!?
Shay: Yeah dude, I just got a high score of 2099!
Terry: Anyway, I called to see if you wanted to go to this rave that everyone's been talkin about?
Shay: ...umm, nah I was just thinking of chilling, just have a few beers, order some pizzia and play Yahoo Spades.
Terry: WTF?! It's a Saturday night! Why stay cooped up in the house...your 23 not 43, stop playing that lame ass game!
Terry: Oh shit, I didn't mean to pick that card! I'm goin to have to let you go..I'm losing this game and everyone at my table is bitching about me playing slow, I have to go, bye.
by truepureblue March 20, 2010
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