A term used to decribe females on yahoo instant messenger or yahoo chat, who generally cause drama.

Term used for bots in a yahoo chat room who spam conversations to get you to go to their internet porn site.

A negitive statement for internet chicken heads.
"damn... I get tired of putting those yahoes on igg".
by xCOBRA_CLUTCHx March 29, 2004
Top Definition
Slang term for cocaine
"Jose is all geeked up on yaho"
by Sal January 26, 2004
Furiously typed intention of typing "yahoo" but missing the last o (or second to last) entirely before pressing "tab tab enter" in google.com, thus landing oneself on urban dictionary's listing for "yaho", and writing about it.

I sure yaho'd my way into this one.
by liquis April 22, 2008
A. Could mean one of your bitches

B. Could be anybody else
A. Ya ho go get me my drank

B. Ay ya ho give me some extra cheese on my whopper
by upnorthballa February 29, 2008
Ya Hoe
"I saw yaho at the football game."
by Quannesha October 21, 2003
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