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Nah mean, or "You know what I mean?
Yo, dat's tite son! Yah mean?
by Slicka Slicka slim sadie December 16, 2002
33 14
short for "yadadamean" which means "you know what i mean?" Slang from northern california
i got that paper today, yahmean?
by `hanes May 02, 2006
11 4
Proper response when asked the question "NahMean?" Indicates a hyperdope yes or positive affirmation.
"I'm feeling very well right now from all those hyperdope workouts we have been doing. NahMean?"

by R. Anthony March 31, 2009
5 0
putting the words "you know what i mean" into two words. or, basically the same as "nah mean".
yo, that jacket is tight son. YAH MEAN???
by nig nog August 17, 2006
15 12
"Yah mean?" is a slang term that originates from the second scene of Scary Movie 2. It can be used in almost all situations, especially those in which one is trying to be gangsta.

A rough translation of "Yah mean?" converts to:

"Do you comprehend the words in which I am saying?"
Yo, dat honey ova' dere looks fine, yah mean, son, yah mean, yah mean?
by Tigersue July 10, 2010
10 10
Sexy, Outgoing Girl
Club Girl; Party Girl
Yo there was some filthy yahmeans at the club last night!
by Anthony DeFrancisco May 28, 2005
8 26