short for "yadadamean" which means "you know what i mean?" Slang from northern california
i got that paper today, yahmean?
by `hanes May 02, 2006
putting the words "you know what i mean" into two words. or, basically the same as "nah mean".
yo, that jacket is tight son. YAH MEAN???
by nig nog August 17, 2006
Proper response when asked the question "NahMean?" Indicates a hyperdope yes or positive affirmation.
"I'm feeling very well right now from all those hyperdope workouts we have been doing. NahMean?"

by R. Anthony March 31, 2009
"Yah mean?" is a slang term that originates from the second scene of Scary Movie 2. It can be used in almost all situations, especially those in which one is trying to be gangsta.

A rough translation of "Yah mean?" converts to:

"Do you comprehend the words in which I am saying?"
Yo, dat honey ova' dere looks fine, yah mean, son, yah mean, yah mean?
by Tigersue July 10, 2010
Sexy, Outgoing Girl
Club Girl; Party Girl
Yo there was some filthy yahmeans at the club last night!
by Anthony DeFrancisco May 28, 2005
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