YOOO obviously its da snoow da blow like a trombone, the winter season in live an livin color which could b defined in black an white cuz its whiiiiite ...
blow snow yay martian sandwich yagga yo
by hahayoooooo March 28, 2009
Top Definition
Term used to express hapiness and joy when singing in a rasta fashion.
Yaw yaw yaw yaggo yo
by Dollar November 23, 2003
Like the man above me said...but let me decipher what he's sayin.

Basically Yagga Yo the same as Yagga which is cocaine.

get it "could be defined in black and white...cuz its white"

Yagga yo is a way of sayin coke, blow, snow, white, soft, Fiyah, all the same meaning...cocaine.
Yo which part di yagga / yagga yo deh?
meaning -"wheres the coke bitch?"

Yo sennnn on the Yagga nuh!
meaning "give me that fucking coke!"
by JamaicaJ March 04, 2010
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