noun; (yah.di.da): cocaine. Invented and made popular by rapper Dust Da Divisive.
"break down that yaddida"
#coke #cocaine #yaddida #blow #white
by DRDDD April 20, 2007
Top Definition
A shorter version of Yaddidamean, or Yaddidaidig

meaning You know what I mean, or in response to a questions, Yes, I understand - or can be said in agreeance, like a second to the notion.
Kristen: Damn I love this song!
Nina: Yaddida!

Kristen: Dude, that bitch is nasty - Yadidaidig?
Nina: Yadidaidig!
#yaddida #yaddidaidig #i agree #you know what i mean #yep!
by Nina98498 June 01, 2007
whatever you want it to be. YA-DID-I MEAN?
you can also put your hands together and rub them together before you say yadiddddiaaa DIGG? or roll your tounge like mac dre. yarrrrrrrrirrrrrrra holla?

yaddida mean??
we need privileged heem
yadidiii mean?

hey man we thizzin' yaddidiie?
yeah for sho yaddida meann
#ya #did #i #mean #?
by Thizzelle Washingon March 10, 2008
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