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(n)A yamakah that has been jizzed in. For the use in a practical joke.(Not to be used in real life only if the jew is seriously annoying).

(v)Yacumkah-ed. To perform a practical joke, which consists of someone jizzing in a jew's yamakah. Hopefully getting them to wear the once a simple and plain yamakah, now a yacumkah so that it sticks to their head.
Dude: "You just got yacumkahed."
Jew: "Dude wtf, now my head is all sticky."

John - "Dude this jew tried pouncing on me to get my quarter, right?"
Dan - "Yeah?"
John - "And his yamakah fell of, right?"
Dan - "Yeah?"
John - "Dude I yacumkah-ed in it."
Dan - "Dude, that's the last time that yamakah falls off!"
by Why you so jewish March 03, 2009
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