1,000,000 pills of ecstasy
I have a yacht to get rid of. Know any buyers?
by Emryz March 25, 2009
a bottle to smoke weed in which you use a golf club and cigarettes
A sweet bottle with a small hole to fit a section of a golf club the circumference of a cigarette about 6 inches long (with tape around the middle so you dont burn yourself). Used as a marijuana smoking device so the mouth hole of the bottle is used to breathe in the smoke that burns from the end of the golf club tube. A portion of a cigerette is inserted into the golf club tube (yacht tube) and on top of the cigarette you put however much weed you want. You burn it slowly and it comes out fat into the bottle then you breathe it all in. If you hold it in you can throw up.

"Fuck yeah that was a fat yacht!"
"Who wants first yacht?"
"Lets smoke some yachts!"
by XJAMESTILDEATHX March 26, 2008
YACHT is a Band, Belief System, and Business conducted by Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans of Marfa, Texas and Portland, Oregon, USA. All people are welcome to become members of YACHT.
YACHT is one of the best bands ever.
by teamyacht October 22, 2009
adjective meaning 'the unexpectedly brilliant result of what initially appears to be misfortune'.

The word came about after 3 guys trying to get from sardinia to corsica missed the ferry. But rather than wallow in misery, they comandeered a yacht, and sailed over, looking a million dollars! Totally yacht!
"Got thrown out of the club, but pulled a nang swedish girl on the nightbus home.... it was totally yacht."
by Bonifacio April 04, 2006
An unpleasant sour smell, usually resulting from rotting decay or the aroma of any number of bodily fluids or wastes.
The lady is cleaning tables with an old dish rag and bleach, it smells like yacht in here now.

The obese lady just climbed a flight of stairs, she's sweating profusely and smells like crotch yacht.
by Josh5508 October 24, 2006
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