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Latina , Sexy Girl , Great Role Model . Ambicious and Great in bed.
A bad ass motherfucker who who won't take no shit off of nobody.
A Fly, Crazy, Fresh, Princess, Beautiful, Gangster, Diva, Fun, Irritating, Badass, Playertastic, Indescribable; Young lady who always looks her best.

Not many can handle her. But always wanna try.
Someone who is talked about, on a regular basis. She gives no fuckkk.

She knows what she deserves and won't settle for anything less.

Most often misunderstood.

She is bold and is capable of anything. Regardless of her bold nature, she is often secretive, but is always observing behind her withdrawn manner.

She can be argumentative and pack a powerful sting, but that’s simply because she see all opposition as a healthy challenge.
Did you just do an Yvonne??

Caring and secretive Yvonne.

Be bold like Yvonne..

Yvonne gives no fuckkkkkkk..
by FrEaKnEsS4U February 03, 2010
1. A bipolar bi polar bear.
2. A very sexual person.
3. An adorable, funny and dorky person. ticklish and says the word "kitty" perfectly! Really important person.
1. “Wow, that Yvonne is one crazy ass bisexual polar bear. LOOK he’s happy again…oh wait now he sad…OH WAIT HAPPY AGAIN. YAY!”

2. lucky bastard-"My Yvonne is so adorable! I want to hug him forevar~"

greedy bitch-“Bitch, I want an Yvonne.”
by Penguinstalker. February 06, 2010
Name of the only child of Linoria and Geovanny. Born in Tallahassee Fl in 1991.The main Character of "The Perfect Mistake" a not yet published young adult fiction novel.
"dude this chick's amazing!, a total Y'Vonne"
by guessitttt June 27, 2008
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