Yvette is so sexy, when she walks in the room you can't help but stare, She doesn't have big tits they are acualy quite small. Long beautiful sandy blond hair. She is all muscle and she has a firm ass. It is most enjoyed in the hands of her boyfriend. she owns her walk. with her long legs skinny body and perfect figure, shes a model in my mind, She is an awesome kisser and a great girlfriend. She only wants to love but the fighter in her comes out if you break her heart. All the guys are intimidated by her. They think shes beautiful but don't know what she will do. They cant help but stare at her long blond hair and beautiful blue eyes. when she wears high heels and a short mini skirt they all know they want to tap that!
WOA! did you see yvette today?
oh dang i think my eyes had an orgasm!
by DBang November 11, 2010
A big,fat, intrusive, annoying woman. She doesn't know when to keep her nose out of people's damn business. A Yvette acts like she can save the world form their problems but in reality she's the one who needs all the help she can get. This woman wants to dominate and control her boyfriend and his kids. A yvette has a way to brain-wash her boyfriend into believing that everything has a down side, such as, plastic water bottles. A yvette is just a super annoying woman.
yea man, who could miss her, that yvette is huge!
by kandlesandcake33 December 07, 2010
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