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YUZZZZZ (Pronounced YEEOOAAAUUZZZZZZZZZAAA) is a state of mind, body, and soul that is godly and cosmically orgasmic. A feeling no one can explain. Imagine if every single cell, atom that makes up your body and around you were clits being tickled and every single cell had an orgasm.

Even Zeus cannot explain the feeling. It's so ecstatic that one just can't explain.
*Posts youtube link of Armin Van Buuren or Paul Oakenfold on Facebook* YUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

*Find out you're not the father of some bitch you fucked last month.* YUZZZZZ

"Holy shit just fucked Athena and Gaia! YUZZZZZZ!!"

*Posts image of extremely hot girl on twitter* YUZZZZZ
by DotHack June 15, 2011
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