Acronym for "yeah totally bro"
An acronym used when agreeing with a friend, peer, or colleague (generally, a bro). Often used in terms of endearment with bros, or can be used casually.
1: Bro, let's get smashed tonight
2: YTB! Can't wait
by sjpajy March 24, 2010
Top Definition
Yeah the Boys (can only be used by males)
by Zanskiez April 19, 2011
YTB is and abbreviation for

YouTube is a video-sharing website, on which users can upload, share and view videos.
1: Did you see Barack Obamas big announcement last night?
2: Uhm no...?
1: Go check it out on ytb right now dude!
by Fracka July 19, 2011
Stands for "Your The Best". A way to show appreciation to someone for their assistance. Can be used in a sarcastic manner as well.
Diana, did you have a chance to take a look at the issue I flagged last Monday? Can you let me know what you think, just as soon as you have the chance? Thanks, ytb!
by edbcali September 13, 2007
"You the bae" an expression of non romantic or romantic affection. Can also be used to tell someone that they mean alot to you.
jim:girl u a hoe
hannah:omg your so mean :(
Jim: i'm sorry i didn't mean it YTB <3
by oottfas June 05, 2014
mitch and ytb can never been used in a sentence.
by braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa January 29, 2010
Your The Best. Thank some one for a specific act of kindness. (Not a general complement)
Im goin in2 d ciT 2moro.
Buy me somTIN nIs.
I wiL.
by Dougie X April 02, 2007

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