A long running RPG series starring Adol Christin as the main character
Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim marks the series' return to North America
by TELUS January 23, 2005
Top Definition
'Young sluts'
Generally between the ages of 13 and 17.
These sexual predators may look cute but one touch sends you directly to jail.
Dude, there is so much YS around at the beach today!
by Casual Cody May 07, 2010
A shortening of the term y-fronts.
Mmmm... this pair of pink and brown spandex y's are particularly tight.
by joss waite June 25, 2006
A video game created by Falcom in 1987, became a sleeper hit in USA.
Adol Christin doesn't hack n' slash monster he run up to ya like nobody's business.
by TR980 October 09, 2008
a name for a young girl who is promiscuous. YS is short for young slut.
That grade 10 over there is a YS, she always says yes!
by Super Ding Dong May 19, 2009
abbreviation for Young Seniors. These young people usually come in groups of friends who'd rather party together than with others. They call themselves Young Seniors because their main activities typically involve them lying about their ages. They can usually be found at your average slumber party, or at a dirty fraternity on a friday night.
person 1: hey what are we doing tonight?
person 2: yo, probably gonna YS this shit or something, we wanna have fun.
person 1: awhh yeahhh weed n booze bitch, i got mahh fakeee
person 2: yeah dude, but it's a school night so dont get too fucked up.
by ysmoeee March 21, 2011
1} Young Slut (why-ess)

A girl not yet of legal age, who engages in acts fornication and fellatio with men generally a lot older than themselves. They tend to have countless provocative photos on social networking sites and never displays their birth year. These girls can mainly be found loitering in/around local bus stops, shopping complexes and nightclubs.
There's so much Y.S. at Tramp this morning!

Lets go Young Slut Huntin' Boys!!!
by baddestofalltime June 07, 2011
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