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anyone under the age of yourself. but usually under the age of 18. normally anything that could be considered jail bait!
Yeah the girls at these parties are mostly youngens.
by Washington's Own Victoria June 20, 2005
68 30
A person young for their grade at a school or sport
Jeremy is such a youngen
by T4b April 10, 2006
25 17
Anyone who is younger than you.
John: Look at all these fucking youngens in here tonight.
Jane: Yeah I know can't even go out anymore without see all these little ass youngens.
John: For sure fake I.D. business must be booming.
by Colossal_Waffle August 01, 2012
6 3
The biggest douche of all douchebags known to man. Usually he/she is not aware of it and frequently needs to be reminded of it.
Dude, he's pulling a Youngen!
by Noneofyourbiznez February 16, 2009
18 43