A phrase said to someone whom you don't really like or wish to irritate.

It MUST be said after everything they say.
Person 1 - "You're an effort you"
Person 2 - "You are"
Person 1 - "Stop bipping yourself"
Person 2 - "You are"
Person 1 - "I'm bipping myself?"
Person 2 - "You are"
by Martin Heward September 14, 2004
Top Definition
spoken with emphasis on the "you"

is the lowest form of comeback to an insult, usually, but when used correctly (e.g. out of context) it becomes one of the funniest and most classy calls
usual context:
bully "you are so fat, look at you, fatty fatty boom boom"
kid "you are"

used correctly:

Jason "this office is a bit sterile without a radio"
Brendan "YOU are"
by dufix September 26, 2006
A Word Copyrighted to Microphone Joe

"YOU ARE" - © MicrophoneJoe 2003.

The best comeback to anything, ever.
"You're so gay"
"You Are"
by Microphone "ceydn" Joe March 21, 2003
One of the lowest forms of a "comeback" in response to an insult. Spoken with emphasis on the "YOU".

Can be funny when used incorrectly.
Bully: You're fat
Nerd: You are!

Bully: You're gay
Nerd: You are!

Bully: You're stupid
Nerd: You are!

Bully: I banged your sister last night
Nerd: You are!
Bully: Wait, what?
by Jimmy Man June 06, 2011
A retort to any form of criticism, the lowest in the chain of retaliation.

See also: no you, veined
"look at that cocksucker"
"you are."
by Diablos November 11, 2002
How to answer to something you don't care about.
Person 1: God, this homework is so hard!

Person 2: You're so hard.
by Bob Dill February 06, 2005
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