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you. only. live. twice (jesus)
person- YOLO
jesus- YOLT
person- what
jesus- you only live twice now that's the word of god
by anvckjanbedvaqiobedlrw April 24, 2012
42 17
A parody of YOLO, meaning: you only live twice. Or it can also mean, young overachieving lesbian teenagers.
Hey man, should i smoke this?
True, true.
by funnyman21224 June 27, 2012
81 15
You Only Live Twice, Sean Connery's penultimate James Bond performance, was the only occasion where James was made into a Japanese man. Hence, we have the expression!
"YOLO, AmIRite?"
"No, You're wrong. YOLT. You'd know this, if you spent half as much time BONDing as I did."
by BungaFiyah October 22, 2012
32 15
YOLT means you only live twice; for those of you who believe in Jesus Christ, you live twice.
"YOLO man, YOLO. No dude, Y.O.L.T., 'cause Jesus is my homeboy."
by efishies15 July 28, 2012
17 3
Acronym for You Only Live Twice, the name of a James Bond novel and movie. Perfect for annoying your YOLO friends.
Nancy: "You Only Live Twice or so it seems,
One life for yourself and one for your dreams."
YOLO Girl: The fuck?
Sean Connery: YOLT, bitch. The day is mine!
by jdrager June 14, 2012
13 3
The zombie version of "YOLO" because Zombies only live twice
"Why didn't you eat that guys brains?"
by Damn Hipsters 123092342 September 06, 2012
24 15
You Only Live Twice, a motto used by people with a religion referring to the afterlife. These people are then bashed by atheist Drake fanboys/fangirls who scream YOLO, although Drake is a Jew himself.
You only live twice, thats the motto nigga YOLT.
by KiiF May 22, 2012
13 5