part 1
Normally fairly average looking female dark skin or asian. nice body.She always try's to get things that to good for her for example she aims for the hotter guys, where she is not even good looking in the first place.
part 2
she has lots and lots of nice things but normally takes it all for granted, like its always going to be there.
part 1
Mark- Omg did u here yok dumped josh cause "he wasn't good enough"
pinky- yea apparently she was going for that hotter guy in grade, I'm way better than her and she thinks she can go for any one she wants...
part 2
Mark- Omg yok just dropped her I phone so she could get the 16gb one so she could hold more music...
by James Raction April 24, 2008
Top Definition
Combination of 'yeah' and 'ok'
Meet me at Starbucks?

by aristotle72 April 13, 2011
A pejorative Yiddish term for a person who lists 3 letter words on the net and gets the definitions totally incorrect.
That yok thinks yok is the word for a goy! What a yok!
by Irene Kastoflajjer July 31, 2006
A person who loves waiting in lines.
Look at this yok waiting in line to get into 'the club'
by Peter Flambookie June 06, 2011
A contraction of the words "yeah" and "ok." Used to imply concise sarcasm or disbelief.
Dude this chick is totally into me
by PYSE November 22, 2010
with more tatto's than brain cells, Yok's will normally spend up to 14 days in Magaluf, Mallorca, over the "f*cking summer".

Not content at knowing they have ruined what used to be a beautiful land by splashing Neon and Chilli Sauce all over its rolling hills, they must also pollute the formally tranquil surroundings with boisterous songs; "YOKKY YOKKY YOKKY - GOY GOY GOY".

Wallowing in swimming pools by day, and foam by night, Yok's are a species that come with a warning - admire from a far, but steer well clear.
Dressed head to toe in England Tatto's, you will be hard pressed to find a Yok without a shaved head "ive got a f*cking skin'head aint i" they say proudly. Classic Yok give-a-ways range from Umbro shorts, all the way to a Sergio Taccini polo top
by The Yokumentary July 07, 2010
pronounced yo-kay slang turn for yeah ok. mostly used when the other person is talking alot of crap
guy-i love you
girl- yo-k and that girl just happened to be in your bed
guys best friend- o burn!
by linkin park luva February 20, 2006
A crazy, drunk bastard that will often get so drunk he'll eat an egg yok raw
Pat: Hey guys did you see Curley eat that egg yok? Hes plastered again.

Rotty: Well yeah, thats why he is yok!
by Notorious P.A.T. (c.o.b.) May 04, 2010
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