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You only fuck once
E: OMG, that wedding was so fun! I'm so happy for them.
J: Yeah, but I totally heard the bride and groom YOFO'ed... Poor girl.
E: Oh man, no YOFO. Never YOFO!
by Paperscissorsrockme September 12, 2013
You only flunk once...
You can and will only flunk photography once.. YOFO
by yeeaaahhbuddy June 01, 2012
latin slang for vagina
White guy: yo dude, did u see that girl?

latin guy: si vato, tenia una mini skirt y se le miraba todo el yofo!

White guy: que?! O.o

latin guy: la Pussy guey!
by Torched Up: JoJo ThunderBoltz April 08, 2010