Function: various, slang
Etymology: Middle English; yo, be, interjections
Date: 20th century, Aug 5th, 2010 copyright Brian Dodd

— Used especially to call out something that has general likeness to other things a person really likes or has affinities for in general. Cool or to be cool but not in a material or insignificant manner. Superior excellence or awe-some. An attitude of affinity or feeling of awesomeness or enjoyment of something or someone especially involved in film or movies or acting, but can be generalized for anything or anyone.

Same in all forms and inflected forms as noun, adjective, verb, or other transits.

From interjected words yo and be (from Websters Dictionary definitions); the term be primarily meaning "equal value to or having existence or comparison" and yo meaning "to call someone's attention or to make an expression". Similar to good use or positive term or use of the slang word 'brodey' or 'brodee'.

Wut up, yobe?!?

That filmmaker's new movie is mad yobe, with its great dialogue and plot.
by ushers August 04, 2010
Top Definition
Literally: You Oughta Be Eaten. Used as an insult
"I hate you! YOBE!"
by Dinosaur37 May 13, 2013
If someone is being dumb, silly, crazy, immature, or lame, you call them a "yobe".
Person 1: Hey hey I got a joke, why did the banana cross the road? Because it wanted to.

Person 2: You're such a yobe.
by Andrew T. B. August 22, 2007
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