An athletic facility where the very young and the very old hangout.

Where I saw elderly ladies naked, for the first time.
"The first time I changed into my workout attire at the YMCA ladies locker room, I was forever changed by what I saw. I swore to myself, I would never grow old."
by joggyjaybird May 26, 2013
Young Men With Clogged up Assholes.
Ymca, is a gay man's song.
by Sangeajinn January 18, 2007
you can get yourself in , you can have a good meal , you can hang out with all the boys , if a bunch of men walk in a pub and someone starts singing this they are taking the piss out of you calling you a bunch of faggots .
although the song is funny it did no good for ymca image , people thought any one involved with the group were either a kiddy fiddler or a raving ass bandit when the truth is they are nice people who look after young vulnerables people ,its basically a youth club , well the one in cheltenham was .
ymca good meal good time hang out with all the boys
by locks heath renegade master November 24, 2010
My favorite place to go in the world. Lose weight join clubs meet friends.Hang out. have a good time. ymca leaders clubs are my world. its all about the compassion friendship and belonging
I live for the Ymca without it id dead.
by Elizabeth from bestfield January 21, 2005
An awesome place to go. Especially the Upper Main Line YMCA in Berwyn. They have an amazing swimming program. Lifelong friends are made. Has many different things to do. You could be going to swim practice while your mom goes to work out upstairs. They have summer camps you can go to and they also have daycare. it is a very sensible place to belong to.
The Upper Main Line YMCA has numerous pools, a gym, summer camps, a soccer program, and a place to work out.
by Mara April 19, 2005
1. The Young Men's Christian Association - A Free(ish) Youth Hostal.
2. Cockney Rhyming Slang for "GAY"
1. I'm gonna goto London for a few days. I'll be stayin' in the YMCA.
2. Watch out, mate! He's a little YMCA!!!
by DHeadshot September 23, 2005
Dude, your YMCA is showing 0.o
by Brave as a Taco June 07, 2005

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