Young Masturbators Cocaine Addicts
"You wanna join the YMCA?"
by Peckerama July 10, 2008
Your Momma's Cute Ass
Yo watch out bro he's looking at YMCA !
by Willdestroya July 06, 2009
1)A place where gay men hang out

2)A song everyone knows and had stuck in their head at least once.
Hey Bob lets hang and the YMCA *wink wink*
by nutcracker September 19, 2005
A song that forever will be around to torment humans.
Instead of grounding...

"Johnny, if you don't get down here right now, I'm going to show up at your school blaring the YMCA song on the car radio and singing along!"
by unknown person August 05, 2005
Yogis, gymnasts, or those looking for a rush will delight in the challenges of this invigorating sexual position.

Based on a classic yoga move called the Headstand, or Shirshasana, this pose has as many health benefits as it does pleasurable ones; as you invert the body, you breathe deeper, improve circulation, and relieve stress on the lower back.

The inverting partner will kneel and place the top of their head on a small floor cushion between the seated partner’s thighs. Next, straighten the knees, raise the hips, and keep the abs flexed. The seated partner can now assist the other in entering the final pose and arrange themselves accordingly.

When first entering this position, mild breathing difficulties may be experienced as the blood from the body rushes to the head; this should quickly pass, but if you're feeling uncomfortable, come out of the position and rest in a prone position to normalize circulation before standing up again.
Dude, me and Jane did the YMCA last night. Ballerinas are awesome.
by halpwr April 07, 2010
A dance performed to the Village People song of the same name. Its main moves involve trying to form the letters Y-M-C-A with the upper body, although it includes other disco-style steps and slides.
My buddies dared me to do the "YMCA" dance at the party.
by Ingeborg S. Nordén May 11, 2006
Some song that gets stuck in my head >_<
The Village People - YMCA 0:00 - Some album
by dj gs68 April 25, 2003

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