My favorite place to go in the world. Lose weight join clubs meet friends.Hang out. have a good time. ymca leaders clubs are my world. its all about the compassion friendship and belonging
I live for the Ymca without it id dead.
by Elizabeth from bestfield January 21, 2005
Top Definition
When you're short on the dough, it's a place you can go.
Young man, when you're short on the dough etc.
by Gumba Gumba August 03, 2004
Basically it is an apartment where many drug abusers and ex-convicts stay to sleep and abuse drugs. Some of these people pay rent, while most others are unemployed and do nothing with their lives except party, drink and abuse drugs. No one you stays in these places are to be trusted.
Let's go down to the Y.M.C.A. where all the losers in town live!
by Jimmy Spelich March 26, 2009
a place where poor and unfortunate children are forced to go while being watched by creepy counsilers who have infected nose rings and throw balls at the children just because they did not tie their shoe fast enough and make them play retarded games like capture the football or commonly known as "capture the faggot"
"I bring my child to the YMCA every day and she comes home with bruises and the idea that unprotected sex and nose rings are okay."
by meghan ymcaperson April 20, 2008
Yesterday's Meal Cooked Again
A shorter, snappier name for your reheated leftovers.
When I got in at 3am I was so hungry but so tired, I just microwaved me some YMCA curry then fell asleep with my head in the empty bowl...
by ScimmyMunkeh October 07, 2012
An athletic workout place where half the people that go are fat, and go to get slightly less fat.
Person: Hey, did you hear, Phil went to YMCA because he was 300 pounds and now he's only 295 pounds!
by Plan B February 03, 2005
Young Mens Christian Association
Originally founded in London, England by 12 men of the christian faith. The first one in the continent of North America is located in Montreal, Canada and the first one in the United States is in Boston, Massechusetts. It is a non-profit organization. Basically a day care for kids pre-k - 12 grade. The YMCA strives to teach good values, morals, etc. The core values are Honesty (the color blue), Respect (yellow), Careing (red), and Responsibility (green).
The sports that were invented at the YMCA are, basketball, softball, volleyball, racket ball, and proffesional football (getting payed for playing football).
by some chick September 12, 2003
YMCA - Noun

The only place in the world where it's okay for an old man to approach you naked in a public area for absolutely no reason, and engage in extremely unnecessary conversation about nothing while you dress and/or undress.
-- Normal Life --

Mike - God damnit.
Steve - What's wrong Mike?
Mike - I was in this restaurant the other day and this naked old guy came up to me and asked me what I thought about the new plasma TV they put up in the bar...
Steve - Oh my God. Did you kick his ass and then stab him in the eye with a pen?
Mike - Yeah. I broke his nose.

-- Normal Life @ the YMCA --

Mike - God damnit.
Steve - What's wrong Mike?
Mike - I was at the YMCA the other day and this naked old guy came up to me and asked me what I thought about the new plasma TV they put up in the weight room...
Steve - Yeah... I wish it was in with the treadmills...
Mike - Yeah seriously...
by JimChach January 06, 2008
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