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you little fuck

Oh, that's it, YLF!

"I made out with your girlfriend"
by alfe November 12, 2011
Short for: you lazy fuck.
Person 1 didnt show up at school.
Person 2 texts: ylf?
Person 1 answers: Yeah I was really tired this morning :P
by Akidon September 17, 2008
Young Lady Friend
What did you get up to last night?

You know, just spent some quality time with a certain ylf.
by TheScottishMafia December 08, 2010
YourLeastFavorite - a well known user on the infamous/famous website, where you can spread laughter, cure boredom, and get called cunt a lot
YLF is also the name YourLeastFavorite
by Dookiestew September 02, 2016
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