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Yorkie Stompers of America an organisation making the world a better place one yorkie dog at a time.
The Y.S.A. wants to remind you, that only you can prevent yorkie dogs
by yorkie stomper March 23, 2008
loveable, amazing, understanding, reasonable, intelligent, enlightening, lively, young, smart, eager girl
she wishes she was an ysa
by lsm <3 999 January 10, 2012
To ask What do you say? or What do you think? in a very quick slang manor.
1: Dave, I'm goin' out saturday and need a wing man, YSA?

2: Yo Steveo, look at that girl that Timbo's with, YSA?
by The Specialist-age August 11, 2009
a really gigantic know-it-all, usually with unwanted hair on most of its body.
She was such an ysa.
by dejrfiew1243 March 04, 2008
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