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XpliCitt is an eloquently fascinating spectacle of the internet. With vast and swift jurisdictional actions towards the unsuspecting shadily figures of the overgrowing internet.

Based on the English word Explicit (clearly developed or formulated) XpliCitt shows no boundaries in putting dirt bags where they belong: The un-accessible part of the internet banned .

Forum trolls beware, XpliCitt is most likely on to you.
Do not attempt to flame XpliCitt, for XpliCitt is notoriously known to have engaged in numerous flame wars but has never lost. If you flame XpliCitt, you're most likely going to cry yourself to sleep at night hugging your teddy bear.

XpliCitt was engendered in 1992 and has been rapidly making the internet taintless since 1989.

XpliCitt has not yet acquired a ban hammer, but rest assured it will be tremendous in size. Larger then Ron Jeremy's unmentionables.
"You're smarter than XpliCitt" - You are indeed a smart individual.

"That was XpliCitt" - That was amazing.

"Be more XpliCitt" - Be more veracious.
by Xplixit September 15, 2009
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