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A good code word for weed.
Playing Xbox=smoking weed.
(Live) Subscription= the weed that's bought and/or used
Xbox Controller= Any instrument of your choice to smoke the weed.

GameStop= your dealer, or anywhere you can purchase any "Controllers"

-Any other related Xbox material could be used as a code word of your choice too! Be Creative!
Mom- What are you boys doing?
Little Jimmy- oh, just gonna play some Xbox up in the attic. But i need to get a live subscription first at GameStop. We just Can't wait to break in our new controllers too!
Mom-Oh, you boys have fun Me and Daddy will be in the basement playing Dreamcast!

Little Jimmy-Umm....
by Black Man 2012 February 19, 2011
4 2
A console (wait, a "graphics machine," I don't wanna offend good consoles) made by that evil company microsoft that thinks the xbox is good because it has great graphics, a dvd player and games that just aren't fun to play.
If you want good games, get a SNES or a megadrive. You might even have fun with a pc.

If you like good graphics more then having fun, the xbox is for you!
by Marbarian May 30, 2005
49 47
A decent gaming system that has its ups and downs.

The X-Box is large, bulky, and has a huge controller, but that's beside the point. There are a few good games on it, such as Halo or Counter-strike. These games are out for the PC but need a $2000 machine to run, the X-Box costs only $100-300.

The reason most people hate it is because

A. it's made by Microsoft
B. it's huge
C. the games they played must have sucked

Just because its made by Microsoft doesn't automatically mean it sucks. Halo was made by Microsoft, and look how it's doing, hmm?

The controller is an exact duplicate of the PS2 controller, just substitute the Black and White buttons for L2 and R2. Hell you could probably play the X-Box with a PS2 controller if it had the right plug.

So, in closing, I think that the X-Box is probably the only good thing made by Microsoft.
My game would have to be Doom 3.
by MPseMp April 29, 2005
34 32
Another title for an ex-girlfriend.
"I was thinking about toying around with my x-box, but I decided to find someone new."
by Seth2367 March 15, 2010
2 1
(noun)A magical being that without most 13 year old kids rooms would be covered in "milk"
I masterbated after my XBOX was taken away until my balls shrinked to the size of a pebble.
by A Happy Turtle January 19, 2011
3 3
The vagina belonging to an ex-girlfriend, esp. during a booty call.
Where's Anthony tonight?

He went out on a booty call with Sheila, that chick he dumped last month, again.

Man, that guy plays so much X-Box it isn't funny.
by Xboxking April 18, 2010
1 1