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Xandir is a character on a cartoon reality TV show parody, "Drawn Together". He's a video game parody. (I'm guessing Link from Zelda.) He's 19 and discovering his homosexuality as he joins the Drawn Together house.

And yes, he's possibly the best character on Drawn Together!
"Why is it when whenever something doesn't work, your first impulse is to eat it?"
by UnderYourBed July 10, 2005
The best character on the Comedy Central show, Drawn Together.
"Grapes are fun!" (From episode 1)
by Allegra May 07, 2005
stereotypical gay actions. from the comedy central cartoon "drawn together"
"Dude, don't say 'fabulous'! That is so xandir"
by poiuytrewq June 15, 2007