also known as "fourecks"
in reference to the Australia-like continent in the Terry Prachett/Discworld series
In fourecks, water is so scarce they have to drink beer.
by Rincewind42 July 01, 2005
Top Definition
Beer made in Brisbane. Its popular there, but so are a lot of other things which others may frown upon. It has a lot of chemicals and preservatives used in it due to the Queensland heat, so the taste suffers. Source of many jokes, "Why do queenslanders drink XXXX?"
"Because they cant spell beer"
Etc, etc.
XXXX is ok if its cold, i much prefer it to that VB shit!
by jamesbrown April 22, 2003
The most tasty excellent beer at bargain basement prices. Is brewed at Castlemaine Breweries in Brisbane, Australia.
Yeah shit yeah, twice, lets go get a carto of XXXX.
by olly June 13, 2004
pathetic beer made in brisbane and sponsors the queensland state of origin team
xxxx is crap as mcgoogan
by bogan mcboag from boganville April 01, 2005
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