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~A person whom takes all the XP (experience points) in a RPG (I.E: D&D) or in a MMORPG (I.E: WoW).
Thorg is a level 7 XP whore. He runs aroud killing all the goblins to rise in level, and leaves us nothing/
by Blark the Penatrator July 11, 2006
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someone in call of duty (Mw,Mw2, or BO) who plays the objective in search and destroy & domination, who tries way to hard (Hard scopes probs), and who does the best in the lobby and not going positive (i.e record: 34-60)....they suck at life........oh and they probabley r at 15 prestige ALREADY
Guy no-scoping on Nuketown: whoa ur such an xp whore, u hard scoped me from 2 feet away

Guy doing 360's on Highrise during Search and Destroy: why the fuck did u plant, u xp whore
by xp whore murderer February 02, 2011

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