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One of the largest Halo 2 clans on xbox live. Over 20,000 members in voer 95 branches. Stands for Xiled Gaming Company, and has three divisions, XGC the main division which is 18+, KOG(Kings of Gaming) the family or under 18 division, and SYN(the syndicate) for the underground gamers( less organization and rules/guidelines. Although they express deeply they have no allies or enemy clans, there seems to be a underlying rivalry with KSI and MoB clan members.
KSI Sniper: Dude your a total f***ing nub, why would you ever join XGC, were gonan PWn you this game.

(XGC beats KSI in there first offical elite sqaud game 50-23)

XGC Soldier: Good game guys

KSI Sniper: Dude wtf, you guys are such newbs we've been around way longer, and you only won because my hands are cold and my TV keeps going fuzzy and I......

XGC Soldier: Dude, seriously enough with the excusses and talkin s***, XGC elites own... plain and simple.
by XGC Dynasty November 13, 2006
A gaming community that is branched in many games. Foremost in Halo 2 and Halo 3. Over 20,000 members and growing. They strive to enhance the gamer's life.
Their last two rules are numbers eight and nine:

violations consist of trash talking, t-bagging, discrimination, racism, sexism, harassment, illegal drugs, cheating, poaching, squad deranking, or any other aggressive behavior toward fellow online gamers. Cheating is defined as any manipulation of online play; this includes, but is not limited to modding, bridging, stand-bying, forcing host, action replay, glitching / super jumping in match making / ranked games to gain an unfair advantage, playing online custom / ranked games with Modders, and circle boosting.

BOTTOM LINE!!! Have fun, play games, and network with other gamers that share the same interest. At the end of the day, it is after all just a game!
(Playing Halo 2)
xbox live member: "What clan are you in?"

XGC member: "I'm in a clan called XGC or Xiled Gaming.Were a large online gaming community."

xbox live member: "Oh yea? Do you guys have a website?"

XGC member: "Yes we do, it's called XILEDGAMING.COM"

by XGC B1G DAWG November 15, 2007
stands for

Xiled Gay Children. It is an organized clan on Halo 2 which is made up of different groups. They think that they run everything and thus try to hit other clans. Hitting is the act of getting into another clan, gaining trust and respect and then booting all members with a rank below them from the clan hence causing a MASS number of clan members to be lost. This can devastate clans. They most likely hate the greatest online gaming community of all time which is KSI. KSI stands for Knowledge Strength Integrity, not Killing Services Inc., Like many people think. They use unheard of tactics and start MANY problems with "rival" clans.
Go on XBOX LIVE you will feel the tensions between XGC and KSI.
by Unanamous June 23, 2007
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