A Town on the East Coast that is extremely close to Philadelphia. Many of the kids who go there are excessivally good looking, have rich parents, and own everything they want. You do not exsist if you do not consistantly wear ralph lauren, lilly pulitzer or lacoste polos, and if you do not use the correct launguage while interacting, then nothing will make sense to the people you are talking to. (Language consists of the phrases "mad" "chill" and "straight". Often kids will be sent off to boarding school due to bad behavior, and then kicked out since boarding school suplys more drugs than a rich wyo kid can ask for. During the summer if you do not sail or travel around the world then you most likely belong to a rich summer club (or green valley) that has either golf or tennis. Depending on who you involve yourself with, you could get nice friends, or friends who will always be your enemies. (also, parties are off the hook)The most popular sport is water polo and lacrosse (mainly for boys) and most all the water polo boys are exremely gorgeous and are excessive stoners.
Sebastian: That dude didnt pop his coller today, his polo wasn't even lacoste or ralph lauren
Dylon: Dude thats not straight, lets pop him at lunch after we hit that joint
Sebastian: Shyea dude, that sounds mad chill
Laura: Excuse me bitches but that doesn't seem right, i give him points for at least layering the nantucket red and sailboat yellow
Guys: True True that chick has a pretty heavy reason...thats chill
Sebastian and Dylon: Tall blondes with aviators and rainbows, IQ ranges from 55-75 points
Laura: Gorgeous girl who gets every guy she wants, blonde too and matches polos with everything.....chill
by yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy August 05, 2005
A very rich town in Pennsylvania where even the seven black people that live there can't be considered black, and excessive drug use is commen, due to the lack of things to do. There is very little that the youth can use to entertain themselves, so everyone knows exactly where to buy heroin.
The style consists of brightly colored Lacoste shirts, usually layered, Khakis, and a loosley placed visor on males, and a Jean skirts, a dress shirt over a polo, and flipflops for females, year round.
Girl: So, what do you want to do tonight?
Boy: Big party at my house. Bring your bong.
Girl: Awesome. What time?
Boy: Doesn't matter, if you miss us, we'll send my assistant to get you some shit.
by That kid ... August 05, 2005
Maybe about 30% of the kids are rich and preppy, which is higher than most schools giving us this reputation. We call that 30%, the preps. The school itself serves grades 7-12. Once you get to 10th grade you'll notice the separation of AP, honors and academic. People frown upon kids who don't take APs but just honors. The AP people are usually really smart and are trying to get crazy GPAs like 5.0 or more on a 4.0 scale. Some actually work hard while others cheat because they are lazy. It's not uncommon to see people with Porsches or Mercedes. But if you're anyone, you cruise around in your Jeep, blasting hardcore rap.
The prep boys: very hot (until they open their mouths) wear: Vineyard Vines,sometimes polo, sperry's or polo sneakers
The prep girls: pretty smart, athletic, pretty, some can be slutty
wear: Vineyard Vines, Nike, Lululemon, Free People
But remember that is the preps, we all don't dress like that. If you don't play a sport you are probably in the arts. If you're in nothing, you don't really exist. Thanks to the class of 2013, our parties have to be on the down low because theirs were busted. People do drink but that's in every high school. Weed is our drug of choice in Wyo. Many smoke (athletes) and it isn't considered a big deal. Most kids post picutures of parties, giving the illusion that we throw epic parties. Gossip travels extremely fast throughout our town.
If you're an outsider looking in you have only seen the obnoxious 30% of Wyomissing in which I'm so sorry. Give us a chance and you will find normal people.
by Wyogirl June 06, 2015

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