A Town on the East Coast that is extremely close to Philadelphia. Many of the kids who go there are excessivally good looking, have rich parents, and own everything they want. You do not exsist if you do not consistantly wear ralph lauren, lilly pulitzer or lacoste polos, and if you do not use the correct launguage while interacting, then nothing will make sense to the people you are talking to. (Language consists of the phrases "mad" "chill" and "straight". Often kids will be sent off to boarding school due to bad behavior, and then kicked out since boarding school suplys more drugs than a rich wyo kid can ask for. During the summer if you do not sail or travel around the world then you most likely belong to a rich summer club (or green valley) that has either golf or tennis. Depending on who you involve yourself with, you could get nice friends, or friends who will always be your enemies. (also, parties are off the hook)The most popular sport is water polo and lacrosse (mainly for boys) and most all the water polo boys are exremely gorgeous and are excessive stoners.
Sebastian: That dude didnt pop his coller today, his polo wasn't even lacoste or ralph lauren
Dylon: Dude thats not straight, lets pop him at lunch after we hit that joint
Sebastian: Shyea dude, that sounds mad chill
Laura: Excuse me bitches but that doesn't seem right, i give him points for at least layering the nantucket red and sailboat yellow
Guys: True True that chick has a pretty heavy reason...thats chill
Sebastian and Dylon: Tall blondes with aviators and rainbows, IQ ranges from 55-75 points
Laura: Gorgeous girl who gets every guy she wants, blonde too and matches polos with everything.....chill
by yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy August 05, 2005
aka as wyo

1. filthy rich town outside of reading. pa

2. a pile of crap

3. a high school full of rich spoiled rotten pricks with spiked hair that buy all their clothes at the Hollister store and drive their mommy and daddy's bmw/lexus/benz to school.
Hey, watch out! don't step on the stinking pile of wyo over there that just came out of a dogs ass.

Q: Hey, did you see that spoiled rotten kid over there drivin his moms lexus at the Hollister store?

A: Yeah, he is from Wyomissing - go figure

Haha!! Wyomissing got their asses handed to them in that soccer game!
by wyosucksballsprickland December 16, 2009
Considering that I was not raised here since birth, unlike so much of the town, I believe I have a good comparison of Wyomissing and a "normal town." Some people are right on here, others are way off.

First, this is an actual statistic taken from the school's annual report card that they submit to the government and the public, 92% of the students here are white. 4% are black, 3% are hispanic, and 1% other. NINETY-TWO PERCENT!!! Literally, this town is pretty much all white. Hence, you cannot blame the town's downfalls on the West Reading population, it would be frivolous since most of the town is white rich kid.

Secondly, YES this town is infested with wealthy people. This town spawned Taylor Swift, the country star (who, to the town's humor, has announced that she was raised on a farm in Wyomissing, and there is no farms in Wyomissing). If you gone two blocks down Wyo and haven't spotted a rich girlie with oversize sunglasses, bleached hair, clutching a cell phone that was over $300, blasting whatever tops MTV's hit list with their iPod at the time in Daddy's convertible, then you may just have walked out of Wyomissing. (By the way, NEVER walk in Wyomissing, everyone will stare you down with a look on their face going 'Why are they walking????') And yes, it is true that most of these chicks wear Lacoste polos and carry their schoolbinders in oversized Coach or Vera Bradley bags. Shopping sprees every other weekend at King of Prussia mall! Because clothes isn't reusable, except flip flops and Uggs (which you need in every color available). Somehow, they manage the miracle of acing all the AP classes possible and having a 5.2 GPA (on a scale of 4) while still being inconcievably dim-witted. Maybe it helps to be "extra close" to your math teacher or cyber with your band director, who is dumb enough to save all the e-mails on his school pc.

More recently, a small percentage of the younger girlies who live in big houses and have easy carefree lives have decided to become emo, doll up in AFI merchandise and cry about how miserable they really are "on the inside" and how hardcore their favorite bands are (MCR, Fallout Boy etc...)

The slang. These kids HARDLY deserve the right to utlize the term "ghetto" under any circumstance, because they have no idea what ghetto is. However, the trend continues.

Athletics. Wyomissing can do track and tennis, that's about it. Sometimes they can do football. The soccer team SUCKS. Wilson always kills them.

By the way, Wyomissing does NOT have a water polo team.

Drug usage and alcoholism in Wyomissing: yes. Not too much drug usage in females, however males engage in overpriced marijuana and cocaine/confectioner's sugar mixtures. Alcoholism is a yes for both genders.

In conclusion, this town is absolutely ridiculous, a seemingly fictional town from a cheesy teenie bopper book about preppy girls.
Wyomissing girl: What are you wearing?

Non-Wyomissing girl: This yellow sweater I bought from Abercrombie & Fitch last night.

Wyomissing girl: Yellow? Is that anything like Caribbean Sunrise?
by Two guesses who. August 04, 2007
As a Wyomissing resident and former student here is my retort to the above remarks. The most overlooked aspect of the district of Wyomissing is its fellow borough, West Reading. Wyomissing is composed of two parts, the borough of Wyomissing and the borough of West Reading. Wyomissing is defined by its luscious park system, bordered by rich houses and mansions. West Reading however, is an extension of the crime-ridden city of Reading which often earns top honors in crime, murder, and rape rates. The citizens of West Reading are mostly illegal immigrants and other fatherless families deprived of guidance and money. These kids are thrown into a school system along with the wealthy children of the doctors, lawyers, and business owners working in the city of Reading. The high school system is split up into levels by subject. These levels are AP, honors, academic, and comprehensive. Most of the rich kids wind up filling there schedules with the most AP and honors courses that will fit; many of Wyomissing’s brightest also take extra AP courses in the summer to further enhance their already spilling over GPA. The academic and comprehensive classes are composed of the illegals of West Reading as well as the rich kids overwhelmed by the success of their older siblings. These younger brothers and sisters, deprived of attention because of the genius of their siblings, find refuge in either the increasingly popular “gothic” attitude or pose as a ghetto West Reading thug formerly from Green Street. These kids sleep through class at the academic level putting together GPA’s of around 2.1, while the honors and AP level kids are viciously fighting to join the elite ranks of the top ten percent of the class. To reach this level of genius, one must earn a GPA of at least a 5.1. Yes that’s right, 5.1 and this is on a scale of 4. To reach this unthinkable feat, one must take the maximum available AP courses and fill the rest of their schedule with honors courses. Those striving for the ultimate, unreachable goal of valedictorian sacrifice their normal summer stay in Nantucket or Rehoboth to stay home and pick up some more AP credits to slap on their résumé.

The faculty at Wyomissing is also seemingly split up in to honors and academic level. Several AP teachers hail from prestigious universities such as Penn and Bucknell, while some of the academic teachers seem to struggle with the material themselves. The honors English department is filled with old ladies over 80 who, in their time, teaching was the only scholarly position for a woman. Because of this, class must be supplemented with pocket dictionaries so that even the brightest of students can pickup what the instructor is lecturing on, and the average weekend essay for your first semester sophomores is a comparison between the philosophy’s of Albert Einstein and Simon Weil (not yet at the fine University of Virginia have I come across an essay topic so difficult). The history department contains male professors with very strong opinions on their topic. Very subtly they attempt to persuade their students to their side of the political arena. The mathematics department tends to hire former students of Wyomissing, still living of their parent’s money and teaching simply to get away from home and begin affairs with students. The science department contains bitter veterans, fired from their former careers in nuclear physics, and stuck in Wyomissing until the next position opens up in the field of bio-chemical engineering.

Athletics at Wyomissing are reprehensibly successful at a level in which every competing school is well over three times their size. Wyomissing especially excels in the “rich sports” (tennis, golf, girls soccer). This is easily apparent by the fact that the boys tennis team has not lost a match in almost a decade, and the girls team wins states more often than not. Even more impressive, the football team which sometimes struggles to find enough players and always lacks size put together 25 winning seasons in the last 26 years including several district championships and trips to states. Previous Wyomissing offensive linemen measuring up at 5’6”, 145 lbs. have lined up against AAAA powerhouses, proceeding to knocked them off the ball. Almost every Wyomissing athletic team as a deep history of success, and an athletic history could not go without mentioning the four straight state championships by the girls cross country team from 2000-2004.

Athletics play a large role in social life, which is demonstrated at the lunch tables in the school cafeteria. Boy’s tables are split up by sport and level, while the girl’s tables are divided by level of easiness. The girls are pretty, one or two families bless the school with year after year of exceptionally beautiful girls who are worshiped as demi-gods by the envious boys from across the cafeteria. It also seems that each class has one guy who gets every girl while the rest of mankind suffers companionlessly.

If you have made it this far in my rant you are either intrigued by my writing style or waiting for my point. Before I come to my conclusion I would like to dispel a few inaccuracies stated in my fellow long-winded “definitions” of Wyomissing. Never have I come across a water polo player from Wyomissing, and the lacrosse club was just started in 2006. Also the first Starbucks in Wyomissing went up in the fall of ’05. The party life is minute in comparison to the drinking that occurs across the way in Wilson territory, and drug use is less and less common. I would estimate only 6 or 7 Wyomissingites and a few more West Reading thugs frequently do drugs. Finally to my point, Wyomissing is a town not just of the rich but of the poor; not just the genius but the dumb; not just the nerds but the jocks; not just the sluts but the prudes. In short Wyomissing is an institution and township of extremes. Not one label fits, but many must be considered.
Wyomissing the home of the rich and the poor.
by lpo May 24, 2006
Here, everyone owns houses bigger than most. 99% of the town is white, and all the little girls walk around wearing lacoste and ralph lauren polos and oxfords (collars popped -- that's a given), j. crew classics, "real" juicy couture, and accessorize with prada. Knockoffs? What are those?!

After lacrosse or field hockey practice, they all top off their polka-dot hair ribbons with eliza b. or rainbow flip flops. Don't even think about wearing just red or blue, it's all "nantucket red" and "lagoon" or "ocean spray".

Now onto the boys they date:
All wear seersucker or madras shorts/pants, and have long, stylishly unkempt hair. They play lacrosse, football, or water polo and are exceptional at them, when they aren't stoned or drunk. Their families attend parties every saturday night, where all the men have names like "tyler" and preppy little nicknames.

For fun in Wyomissing, girls shop 'til they drop at "King of Prussia", where the most popular stores include "AX" and "BCBG", where you can pay $70 for a faded shirt that has been "professionally aged" so that the buyer can pretend to be ghetto and poor. And "ghetto" is a word used often in Wyomissing. Preppy kids dressed to impress often say things like, "woah, man, your BMW is sooo mad ghetto". For the cash it takes to buy the sportscars that are cruising around the Philly metro area, you could buy and refurbish a ghetto.

Bottom line: Wyomissing is preppy to the max, a prime example of a community so sheltered that most of the people there have an incredibly skewed perspective of wealth.
this town is mad messed, yo!
by 1111111 August 05, 2005
rich white town in pennsylvania dominated by:
-soccer moms stopping in the middle of traffic to give you information about your own family
-cops who have nothing better to do than find the best places to hide with their radar guns
-bmw's, mercedes, audis and JEEPS
-teenagers who buy shitty overpriced pot using their parents money
-poodles that are more spoiled than the average child
holy name is the best school in wyo!

wow you live in wyomissing you must be rich and own a poodle!
by cavanaughlax July 08, 2006
Wyomissing, PA, so much to say about this place...First lets start at the high school which they are called the wyo kids. And onto the kids, which mainly consist of only two types of people, rich and jewish. Seriously, this town is way over 50% jewish and somehow everyone seems to be fucking rich as hell. If you go to wyomissing and last more then 5 minutes without seeing a bmw or a mercedes i think a miracle has just occured. All the jews are also the jappiest jews you will find anywhere, the all are insanly rich and smart, plus the girls are complete bitches, and the guys arn't too far from them either. They all wear whatever either costs the most or (for the girls) is the least amount of clothing they can find or (for the guys) is the longest shorts they can find. The worst part is looking at the lunch tables, one table is full of the sluts, one full of the jocks, one full of the minorities (this one has like 6 people total), then you have the random freshman, sophmore, junior, and senior tables around the room, they are completely seperated into specific groups. They all have their clicks and if you leave yours then your stuck with nothing. Then lets go to how smart these kids are, well do i even have to say? It's a town filled with rich parents who want to feel better about ignoring their kids so they send them to the snobby private schools. can they not all be geniuses? To even be in like the top 10% of the class you need a GPA over 4! YES OVER 4! And then everyone is stuck with like 3.8 gpas, so sad thats just a horrible gpa right? Then like to make sure they keep it up, the parents all just yell at their kids and take away their beamer if they get anything under A's which makes everything just get impossible.

Now lets get away from the school and go to the actual town. Where do all these kids hang out at night whats to do in this town? silence. THERE'S ALSO NOTHING TO DO AT NIGHT IN THIS TOWN! If you walked around the whole town the only place you could even find kids is in starbucks! STARBUCKS! its a coffee shop?! why is almost the entire town hanging out in a coffee shop?! Well when there is absolutely nothing else in the entire down but a starbucks, i guess thats what they're stuck doing. So besides starbucks, the kids just end up going over each others houses and having parties. Now remember this town is full of rich people, so of course all the kids have all the money they want so they go out and get all the drugs and alcohol that kids can have. Almost every1 in the entire town has either been drunk, high or had cigerettes by the time they end their freshman year of HS! It's almost a given that every1 here does drugs.

Well thats wyomissing, its really not that bad of a town, its really fun and lots of coo peeps to hang with, but also VERY easy to make fun of so thats what all this is about

Wyomissing is a town thats all rich and insanly smart with absolutely nothing to do on nights except smoke some weed and chill back.
wyomissing needs a youth program or SOEMTHIN
by mato oh March 31, 2006
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