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A nice little borough of Reading, PA which is one of the most dangerous cities in the nation. Despite it's neighboring city's poverty and crime rate, Wyomissing has always been full of WASPs and old money who send their kids to expensive private schools. Recently the area has become infested with Juicy wearing, gum chewing, hair flipping J.A.P.s.

On each corner is a Starbucks filled with obnoxious people buying their 5 dollar coffee. On every road is a Mercedes with an old blonde women talking on her cell and sparkling her large diamond rings in the sun.

The houses are massive and are occupied by wealthy businessmen, doctors, and others of the sort. The kids are all extremely spoiled and used to getting what they want. If they do not attend on of the more local yuppie factories, Holy Name, Central Catholic, or The Hill School then they most likely attend another prep or boarding school such as Phillips Academy Andover, St. Pauls or another pretigious New England academy.

Wyomissing is a fun place to be if you fit in and have money. If you have money, you'll fit in. There is not much to it. If you overthink it you'll never get it.

Wyomissing is the best place on earth. If you are

a) Jappy
b) preppy
c) a WASP
d) are rich
e) enjoy golfing, playing tennis, and dining at fancy resteraunt and exclusive country clubs.
f) enjoy spending time laughing at obnoxious people who think that everyone is looking at them.
I live in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania and love it because i am rich, jappy, enjoy laughing at obnoxious people, and like playing tennis and eating lunch at my country club.
by Jacquelyn August 31, 2005
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