An evil slithering lizard sorceress who disembowls puppies for fun and makes necklaces of the bones of infants while drinking the liquefied souls of missionaries after they commit their 100th sin.
"Watch out bro, or Wyatt will drink your soul!
by MagicSparklyStarPenisCupcake July 30, 2016
Hes a pale boy, he dates beautiful tan girls. But sometimes he goes to other girls that he shouldn't. He likes using girls for sex and is very selfish. His parents are strict and won't let him date a girl because they had sex, hes scared of them. He should be with the girl he had sex with. He can b very rude towards girls and is immature. He loves sports. He hurts the girl that loves him the most and needs to realize She's tha one for him.
Wyatt should date a tan girl
by Joe Hummel February 05, 2012
dumb cunt, deranged low life mutt, also a name for a retarded person or a phrase of a question
Did you see that horror movie? yeah i wonder wyatt/why it is so scary
by ANNONYMOUSWANKER 1 February 22, 2015
A bitchy guy that is a player.. Ive dated a wyatt for 3 months then he cheated by having sex with a slut.. Wyatt is one of those kind of guys... Sorry if your name is wyatt
Girl 1- did u date wyatt?
Girl 2- yah he cheated on me and has had 10 girlfriends
by Jaclynhaire May 05, 2013
A person who shows off a brilliant idea or fact they got from someone else and makes people think they thought of it.
hey devon, we should start faded fridays!
2 days later.. Devon tells everyone to do faded fridays and claims it at his own idea. in this case, Devon is a wYatt
by randomatic April 15, 2010
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