"G'day, mate! I'm Wyatt!"
#kangaroo #jeep #outback #shrimp #g'day
by Joshfg13 April 19, 2010
dumb cunt, deranged low life mutt, also a name for a retarded person or a phrase of a question
Did you see that horror movie? yeah i wonder wyatt/why it is so scary
#deranged #retard #phrase #small penis #animal #low life
by ANNONYMOUSWANKER 1 February 22, 2015
A bitchy guy that is a player.. Ive dated a wyatt for 3 months then he cheated by having sex with a slut.. Wyatt is one of those kind of guys... Sorry if your name is wyatt
Girl 1- did u date wyatt?
Girl 2- yah he cheated on me and has had 10 girlfriends
#wyatt #player #cheated #dated #neveragain
by Jaclynhaire May 05, 2013
A dumb fuck who can't mind his own business.
Almost every Wyatt.
#dumb fuck #dick #cock sucker #bastard #gay
by Butterfunk_6 April 16, 2013
A person who shows off a brilliant idea or fact they got from someone else and makes people think they thought of it.
hey devon, we should start faded fridays!
2 days later.. Devon tells everyone to do faded fridays and claims it at his own idea. in this case, Devon is a wYatt
#wyatt #whyit #larry #mark #duhhh
by randomatic April 15, 2010
A boody dance that insane people do.
"Hey, can you do the wyatt for me? I'll give you a dollar."
by Stealth January 19, 2005
A player that hates it when he's not always the best person in the room. He is a jerk and manipulates girls then ditches them. No one wants to believe that he's telling the truth but they end up falling for it then getting hurt. He's a rude idiot that can't go one day without telling at least 2 or 3 girls a huge lie.
I know...he's a Wyatt
#player #jerk #idiot #lier #baseball
by luvvandtheft July 23, 2010
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