A Wyatt is a teenager who gets all the girls. If you got a girl, if your not watchin, he will snach her from ya. Wyatt is super sexy, has a big dick, and is a fast track runner
You know that james who works at the store, hes such a wyatt
A sweet, caring person who is extremely good looking (hunkalicious if I may). Wyatts are athletes, and extremely muscular. They enjoy music and care for people, which is why they have so many friends. Overall, Wyatts are awesome, amazing people, who have a great sense of humor.
Person 1: "who is that person over there?"

Person 2: "oh that BOIII? Das Wyatt GUR"
by helloiamrllycool January 25, 2015
A super big loser, who I love with all of my heart. He is super cute and sweet. He is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. <3 I love you hubby. :)
Wyatt is amazing.
by meegs105 November 11, 2010
a amazing boy that has a hot girl friend Brianna and made the perfect couple
look at that Wyatt and Brianna
by bribella June 24, 2016
(Why-Att) - Founder, Boss, Head producer of the website Lemon Party (dot) com
I'm going to pull a wyatt, ill be back in 3 hours.
by Beadis December 06, 2012
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