kick ass sour-cream white kid who likes to kick people in the face. He has a great girlfriend (who's mad hot) and he will never loose in a fight.
"Oh shit... wyatt just kicked my ass again
by George (The spanish way) March 16, 2010
Amazing,Gorgeous,Talkative,Super Friendly,Crazy,Sailor-White Trash,Handsome,Player,Uber Fantastic,The One and Only,Someone Who Makes ALOT ALOT of Money, Loves Shoes,Spends Ample Amount of Money on Suits, Looks Hella Good in Suits,Always Makes You Smile,Loves Alcohol,Think I Stole His Crack Pipe,Has 2 Cellphones, Has Anger Managment Issues,Loves Women,Party Animal, Looks Like Brad Pitt, Can Sell Cellphones Better Than ANYONE!,Makes Up Random Stories, People Are Super Jealous of Him and His Super Good Looks,
See that man over there? He thinks he is a Wyatt, but he totally is not!
by Morgan,Katrina,and Rub May 08, 2008
noo noo! all hail wyatt. oreos are yummy
Wyatt is great.
by caroline April 28, 2003
He's Batman!.. Enough Said
John: "Who's Wyatt?"
Dylan: "Batman, Who Else"
by K*Rocky October 08, 2012
A screaming sexual panther waiting to leap on to a feast of pussy deer. Commanley attracted to Hot blondes.. Amazing kisser. usally tall hittin on short hot chicks. ruins realationships but makes it the best one a girl will ever have.. also known as sex dynamite(large) god of the chicas (hot, fine, sexy, player, chick magnet)
Girl:that guy totally pulled a wyatt on me i loved it.

Guy: fuck off
by bearclaw226 December 13, 2010
An amazing guy. Hes got the ladies lining up. All the girls want him, and all the guy wish they were him. He is the perfect combination of dork and cool. And he has mad skills.
"Wyatt is wayy to awesome."
by Itshehehahahehe September 24, 2011
A gorgeous dude Tall with wide shoulders beautiful dark brown eyes, every girl is after him. Stubborn, and sensitive. An amazing athlete. Wonderful personality no one can resist him, can be an asshole sometimes, but other times a complete sweetheart,just Wyatt.
That guy is totally a Wyatt.
by My Team;) February 21, 2012

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