Top Definition
A ridiculous name used for Ryan.
"Hey Wyan!"

"It's Ryan."
by wyan woohig March 09, 2009
A very unique name for a boy, a cross between Ryan and Wyatt. Wyan is cool, collected and charismatic. He is very handsome, funny, and SMART, and is a fierce competitor and natural athlete. Wyans have Texas charm and are the nicest most sincere people you will ever meet. A diamond in the rough.
I met a fantastic boy named Wyan. Like Ryan, but with a W. He is the most amazing boy I've ever met and I hope I marry him someday!
by youareamermaidandiamdrowning August 24, 2010
What you at now
"Watching TV"
(20 mins later)
"Hey wyan"
by pierce.the.danosaur May 15, 2016
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