A stronger word for a special person in your life that you can use to say I love you.
Pierce: Hey, Jenna guess what.
Jenna: What?
Pierce: I love you.
Jenna: I love you too.
Pierce: I wuvv you more.
Jenna: No way, I wuvv you more.
by Frank S. Yourdaddy December 19, 2011
Top Definition
way more than love; to not only love somone (or something) but to really cherish it and to have respect for it; a feeling that can only be described by a made up word <3
Pierce-Hey Jenna guess what!!!


Pierce-I wuvv you! <3

ex.2- I don't just love you... I WUVV YOU! <3
by duckluck1316 December 19, 2011
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