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Australian version of chav, who wears wutang brand clothes and listens to bad rap music. Usually bearing the middle finger gesture to whoever passes by and looks at them strangely. Favourite hang out spots include the front of McDonalds and supermarket carparks. Standard of personal hygiene is usually very low.
Wutanger to an innocent passer by:
"Yo man wat da fuck you be lookin at, you want a piece of this? I'll give you a peice of this. You starin at my (pregnant 12 year old) girlfriend like dat i bash yo in da head be like death on a stick bra, watch ur back"
by Flyaway March 22, 2006
Black, male, cross dresser
by Creamcorn March 24, 2003
A male or female, wearing wu tang apparel, smelling of Body Odour, usually from Elizabeth
"Look theres some wu tangers coming!"
by Dcver November 13, 2003

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