replacement for the word 'cool'
your in college now?wurd...yeah wurd..i'm chillin..wurd.
by boomboom September 28, 2003
Top Definition
Meaning yes, hi, cool or just used when you have nothing to say. Not meaning word.
Bob: You wanna fuckin' go homes?
Bill: Wurd!

Sam: So...
Jim: Wurd!

Sally: You wanna go to the movie tonight?

Jim-Bob: That car was so sick
I AM Canadian: Yeah, it was wurdish!
by I AM Canadian! July 26, 2004
Can be used to show agreement.
You need to go heerdeer. Wurd.
by cap'nlollers July 19, 2006
when someone says something to agree too you say wurd
"so dawg u be chillin wit da hoes"ya dawg
by Big TC May 27, 2003
meaning: cool, chill, yes, ok
Dom: That was a sick ride, yo

Sonny: Wurd
by Gabe Fry July 10, 2008
A gangster word for "True".
Paul - She's mean!
You - Wurd.
by Jake Hornung January 06, 2009
wen sum1 is agreein with sumthin sum1 else is sayin
Yo that nigga look madd good
Yeh wurd son
by "Fayze" January 27, 2005

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