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Wuppa Dil-dil is a saying witch can be translated as "wuts up man" or something liek that ... this kid i met at community service made it up when he was high.... his name is liek alan or someting .. hes from newton... hes tha man
sum guy: wuppa dil-dil
me: awesome .. ppl r using this word!
by henry meyer November 21, 2004
ok .. wuppadildil is kinda like saying .. yo .. wuts up .. kinda and its a cool word and anyone who uses it will have women come up to them and ask u to make babies w/ them
super cool guy: wuppadildil man
me : awesome .. ppl r using this word
bystanding girl:... hey .. can i make a baby with u ?

it works... its kinda like the axe affect .. but its like .. the wuppadildil affect
by henry meyer November 23, 2004