To work hard at absolutely anything. This may or may not result in success. Blood, sweat and tears may be the only reward, but money and self-satisfaction are preferred!
We won the match cos we put in the wuk, in trainin and here today!

You get nowt and are nowt, if you don't wuk at something. It can be your sport, music... anything!
by Bricks n blisters June 10, 2009
Top Definition
The best sex ever!
The wuk of my life
by Love n' sweat July 05, 2009
To work very hard at any activity which involves courage, endurance, sweat, pain, and very often mud. Especially at sports like rugby, football, wrestling, rowing, long distance running and biking.

Often used as a chant to encourage participants and build atmosphere.

Origin: West Cumbria, England.
Wuk! Wuk! Wuk!
Wuk the hill! Wuk the hill!
Wuk the scrum!
by marra's marra June 21, 2009
The most wonderful, beautiful and memorable sexual experience.
by Mmmm! July 21, 2009
Jamaican Slang for: Work
To work something
To Work dick ina pussy
For example, in Sean Paul's song, "You know you kinda cute bwoy,Can You do Di Wuk?"
by Tasha-Ly January 01, 2004
people may consider you to be lying about whatever your talking about.
Man yesterday I had 5 phat ass girls in my house. Then I or whoever else who listening might say that nigga over there wukin (lying).
by 24hour June 16, 2009
Wuk can be used as a verb. The act of wuking can be continuous or instantaneous depending on various factors. Wuking is not for everyone just a select few.
"Holy crap I can't believe that guy just wuked all over. I wish I could wuk like that."
by t-thorsy April 02, 2009
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