a combination of "word" and "gucci" basicallty meaning that something is the shiznit, totally freakin' amazing, or just plain awasome
George: "This chicken is gucci"
Tory: "Wucci!"

Dang you guys the party last night was wucci!
by wucciword February 22, 2010
Top Definition
Wucci is the combination of "Gucci" and "Word." Both terms on their own mean "good," but when combined they become a super word meaning "awesome."

Wucci can be used in a multiplicity of settings, such as when describing a weekend, a drink, someone's personality, or just as an expression of amazing.
George, Caroline, and Freddie are pretty wucci people.

Dude! That party was so wucci!

Time for another wucci weekend? I think so.

Ready to go?
by ToryW February 21, 2010
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