A word used by a selective group of people. Used in awesome situations and to replace Swears.
"Get Wubbed! You Piece of Wub!"
"Wub Yeah"
by Wubber12 July 05, 2011
sympathetic aww *sigh* type sound acomppanied by a warm fuzxzy feeling...
Blokeness: My dog died from a massive brain haemhorrage the other day... I'm rather heartstruck by the whole affair...
Random Bystander: aww... wub wub...
by Ninja-al May 22, 2003
Where you be
Used when txting.


I'm in the office.
by LovedaWub December 10, 2010
An alternative name for the letter W.
"Go to wub wub wub dot urban dictionary dot com."

"Cue are ess tee you vee wub ex why zee."
by Mellophant March 20, 2010
When You Buy
Free something WUB this other something you probably don't want.
by alreadyusedname August 06, 2009
small fluffy creature that you give to your partner when you care for them very much.
beware for tehe bad wubs!
i wub joo *hands over wub*
by pidngm;kjfnv ;oJF July 18, 2008
to saying to another whats up bud
first person-hey

second person-hi

first person-wub

second person- n2m
by missy12345 August 12, 2007
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