Acronym for "World Unsweetest Bro"

Generally used to describe citizens with glasses from Trinidad that do not drink much or get any sort of attention from girls.
Are you going to go out and drink tonight or be a W.U.B?
by SweetDetector July 31, 2011
A person who sounds like the parents from The Peanuts.
Kevin Munz should just be called wubs.
by aidenell July 13, 2009
(W)here yo(U) (B)e - for cell phone and instant messenger.
"W U B" is abbreviated text for "Where you be?"
by Sideways7 December 28, 2009
term used to express your sexual feeling to someone; can also be used to let someone know you like them
I wub pyro but god do I wub Nomad
by October 09, 2002
A cuter, and quite frankly less awkward/gay way of saying 'love.'#
Commonly used between two BFFs.
Mary: 'I wub you bee.'
Jen: 'I wub you too eff.'
by HmmfCreator June 04, 2009
wub is a term used to describe feelings towards good friends.
I wub Outlaw.

(correct alternative)
Outlaw Sucks.
by Wubmunster March 23, 2004
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