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Simply the finest group of MCs ever to assemble as a group and one of the standout acts in hip-hop's golden era in the 90s.

Together they created what is possibly the greatest and realest hip-hop album of all-time in "Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)".

The Wu Tang Clan took hip-hop, musically, to the next level, with RZA creating timeless beats, GZA writing lyrics that put other rappers to shame and Raekwon pioneering a whole new sub-genre of hip-hop - mafioso rap (a style that Jay-Z would later imitate).

With the exception of U-God (... Sorry), every single member of the Clan was/is exceptionally gifted, as demonstrated by their solo projects - Liquid Swords, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Tical, Supreme Clientele etc.

If you're reading this definition because you actually don't know who the Wu Tang Clan are - educate yourself.

Basically, don't fuck with the Wu.
Boy: Mommy, I fucked with the Wu Tang Clan, am I in trouble?
Mother: Boy, you might as well go kill yourself now and save the waiting.
by tata12 July 27, 2012
~ Ain't Nuthin' to Fuck Wit
~ Is for The Children
~ Is Forever
Wu Tang Clan!
by KillahBee75 June 18, 2014
Infamous rap group of the early 90's hailing from Staten Island, NY or "Shaolin" as they call it. Base themselves around some Kun Fu teachings and usually add Kun Fu skits on albums. Members includes GZA, Method Man, RZA, Ghostface Killah, Masta Killa, Ol Dirty Bastard, Raekwon, U-God and Inspectah Deck.
"Eh yo is that the Wu Tang Clan niggaz on the radio?"
by Giancalo Myers July 12, 2004
Robbers+Lame Rappers+Chinese Culture=Wu Tang Clan
Darell:Man, you gotta be a good rapper to be in wu tang clan!
Devin:Not really, my cuz joined it last week.
by BHM1250 November 25, 2009
a word to describe ones absolute astoundment at the pure brilliance of something
man, your cock is wu tang clan!
by jamie March 17, 2004
wu tang clan is a group for middle class white kids such as chris bassani, who think there cool but are in fact just listening to drug addicts ramble on.
wana listen to some wu tang clan?
yea, but lets listen to it in my new TL my parents just bought for me.
by little v April 22, 2007
Coach Z's favourite rap band thinger.
Homestar:What does the W stand for? Witch's bwew?

Coach Z:No man,it's the Wu-tang Clan!

Homestar:..Coach Z,are you a poseur?

Coach Z:Nah,i'm down!

Homestar:Yeah,down to second to last place!
by TheWiggidy April 30, 2004