someone skilled in manufacture - especially of wooden objects.
the wright made a much better wooden horse than jesus.
by old spice July 10, 2006
Top Definition
Mr. Perfection
The ideal person to make your boyfriend
That's Mr. Wright over there, and that's all mine so back off!
by ?aaron spelling? February 12, 2009
One many describe as bad ass, fun loving and mighty fine.
-- damn, you're so wright.
by LilCisdabombduh April 19, 2011
its not a pun. so fuck off.
wright; not write or right not left or wrong; wright
by uber gay November 08, 2013
Something that's right, but in the same time terribly wrong.
There is a muffin which is extremely good-tasting, but it will give you diabetes, and make you fat. Fatter than fat. It will make you enormous, but totally worth it, because it's truly delicious. This muffin is therefor wright.
by Iamprettyawesome January 27, 2015
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