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An animal that can run at FTL Speeds(This is why they are rarely seen as they never stop moving.)

When you get a slight gust of wind from behind you and turn around and nothing is there it is actually a Wrexapotomus Gangalon speeding away or rushing towards you. Only one man on earth has ever seen actually captured an an image of one on photo. Wrexapotomus Ganglons come in a wide variety of colours, usually a rainbow mix of colours. they are half Amphibian half bird and are attracted to explosions and are quite violent in nature. When ever a Wrexapotomus Gangalon dies their body disolves into the sky, and when an entire blood line of Wrexapotmus Gangalons die their Bodies atoms fuse together forming a rainbow in the sky. Also a Wrexapotomus Gangalon has the ability to form a Tornado in the sky simply by running rapidly in circles for a time of 3.123653764534538294767890654 seconds. It is also a common beleif that the Fictional Road-Runner character is influenced by the Wrexapotomus Gangalon, this is a lie as the Road-Runner is completly bird-like in appearence.
Guy 1: HOLY SHIT! What was that sudden gust of wind?
Guy 2: either you farted or a Wrexapotomus Gangalon just ran past.
Guy 1: WTF?!?!

Horny Guy 1: OMG! That girls skirt blew up and in saw her Pussy!
Horny Guy 2; OMG so did I! Thank you Wrexapotomus Gangalon!
by zweraaaaaaawr April 27, 2010
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