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to choke the bishop!
collin, are going to have a wret wret and think about G-bad?
by kepy seema September 22, 2003

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El Wret Wret - One who tugs ones todger in a rapid up and down motion enabling them to 'take out the paani' as they say on their shoes under the desk. <adj> "Collin, I fancy a wret wret"
"Collin, I fancy a wret wret"
by AOUW August 05, 2004
Deadly embrace between your hand and your genitilia, using the inverted 'Ok' sign.
Create the 'Ok' sign with your hand then bring it down to your genitilia, adjust the 'O' to fit your member, then go for your life and Wret Wret...
by Forest G October 20, 2005