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A Wrenny Spesh consists of non contact with much loved friend of many Chris. The non contact often will run into the days sometimes weeks and in extreme cases even years. The Wrenny Spesh mainly consists of non physical contact with Chris Wren often with assurances that his physical presence will eventually arrive. The Wrenny Spesh has left much of his close friends worried that perhaps Chris may have actually been abducted and finger bummed!

Wrenny Spesh is usually ended when Chris makes physical contact and a violent wedgie attack is delivered post haste. The severity and aggression involved in the Wedgie will reflect the length of time the Wrenny spesh has continued. After such punishment has been inflicted to Wrenny his chance of child conception is dramatically reduced each time a Wrenny Spesh occurs.
You're walking down the street and who walks past WRENNY, you stop have a nice chat as you haven't seen him in ages and then agree to go for a drink you go to the arranged meeting place and wait.......and wrenny but no answer, so you decide to get another pint in and wait some more and still no wrenny. so you decide to call it a day, you then start to think "what have i done wrong" then you realise he has just done a WRENNY SPESH on you!!!!!!! we all love you wrenny just wanna see you more.
by A Wrenny Spesh Victim March 17, 2009

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